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Something borrowed

How thrifty couples say “I do”

A wedding is all about celebrating new chapters, family, and love. Nowadays, the financial commitment to the Big Day can come with a price tag many couples find prohibitive. With the investment in wedding garb, décor, venue, entertainment, and more, many couples are straying from the traditional path and finding new ways to say “I do” to avoid the financial burden. 

Savvy couples are also tying the knot by using unique nonmainstream venues and buying décor at thrift stores or antique sales. There’s also a rise in the number of people buying wedding dresses online. Plus, it is very gratifying to say “thanks, it’s thrifted!” Here are four thrifty ways that couples can plan weddings that are sustainable and enjoyable and don’t break the bank:

Buying your ceremony outfit secondhand 

Wedding gowns are beautiful, and buying yours secondhand is a great way to extend the life of these intricate garments. The brides pictured here both bought their gowns on Poshmark—no one would ever know, and the gowns arrived like new. They blend perfectly with the scenery and allowed these women to shine while feeling great about their sustainable choice. Sites like PoshmarkeBay, and other online secondhand sites stock gowns, tuxes, and more. 

Thrift, estate, and antique stores for décor 

The outfits are just one part of the adventure. When opting for a décor theme, you can find a myriad of options at your local thrift store—vintage candlesticks, candelabras, vases, and more. Touring local antique stores and estate sales also can be a fun adventure for the couple to do together while hunting for the perfect items for their centerpieces. Here, the candlesticks were from estate sales and the frames from Goodwill. The inside portion is painted with chalkboard paint, and others have custom pieces framed for guest signage. They are a fraction of the cost of new items, and they look perfectly placed for these venues.

Local secondhand options 

Luckily, Rochester has a strong sustainability presence, and there are plenty of great options for shopping secondhand. Thrift store chains like GoodwillSaversSalvation Army, and Amvets provide hidden treasures for all (and again, the thrill of the hunt can be a fun way for couples to work on planning their wedding together). There are also clothing stores like Panache and NTY Consignment to visit for the perfect dress, handbags, jewelry, and wedding shoes. Hoping for a vintage feel? The Op ShopLittle Shop of Hoarders, and the Lucky Flea Market all provide a collection of unique baubles and goodies for your wedding pleasure. There are also wedding groups on Facebook Marketplace where couples are selling their gowns, décor, and more for a discounted price. You can also sell your own items after the big day and make some of your money back while continuing to keep the tradition of secondhand alive.

Your something borrowed

Traditionally, your “something borrowed” is from a family member or friend, and these are items that are either from their own nuptials or are of personal importance. Ask your family and friends to reuse or rewear items from their own celebration. It’s a way of honoring their moment and adding to your own. 

Your wedding day is one of the most important times of your life; it can be made even better through a decreased overall cost and knowing you’ve truly made your day your own with one-of-a-kind pieces. Unsure where to start? Send Sarah of Second Look Styling a message at [email protected] for help planning your perfect day in a thrifty way!

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