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What gives

You selected “yes” on the RSVP (box checked for the chicken), bought a new outfit, and made your travel arrangements—all typical preparations to attend the

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Something borrowed

A wedding is all about celebrating new chapters, family, and love. Nowadays, the financial commitment to the Big Day can come with a price tag

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The Suites at 3NG

Whether you’re planning a wedding or visiting on a getaway, The Suites at 3NG offers a spacious, elegant, and eclectically modern space to call home.

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Love every(body)

The word boudoir is a French term referring to a woman’s private dressing room. Historically, boudoirs were decorated with lush fabrics like silks and satin.

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Bridal body art

Henna body art, also known as mehndi, has a 5,000-year-old history. For brides preparing for their big day, mehndi holds important cultural, social, and personal

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Gallery of love

Stephanie and Kris Klinkbeil Stephanie and Kris Klinkbeil wanted a unique and interesting place to spend their special day and celebrate with friends and family.

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Dethroning the diamond

Diamonds have long served as the ruler of the engagement ring. However, as newlyweds are seeking more affordable, unique, and customizable options, alternative stones have

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