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From the Publisher: July-August 2020

Dear friends, 

Summer is upon us, and New York is starting to open up—for now, anyway. (If 2020 has taught us anything, it’s that we really can’t predict the future.)

While the past few months have certainly been trying, at least most of us have had some extra time to garden. And interest in gardening has, unsurprisingly, spiked—especially gardening for food. The not-so-great part is that while new gardeners are being minted every day, most of the wonderful events we enjoy all summer are canceled. The tours, the lectures, the plant sales … all gone. This is the smallest calendar we can remember publishing. Many of these happenings are now online, but it’s just not the same. So far, no one has invented smell-o-vision. 

So as we cross our fingers and hope that the “new normal” eventually resembles the old one, we want to be here for you, our readers, to answer questions, help source plants … whatever you need. You can email any time ([email protected]), reach out on social media, or call the office at (585) 413-0040. If we can’t help, we’ll find someone who can, or try our hardest. 

Thank you for your loyal support and readership, and as always, please do visit our advertisers—they make the UGJ possible!


 Jane Milliman, Publisher

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