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Jane Milliman — Publisher

I started the magazine in 1995. I also have written the bi-weekly gardening column in the Rochester Democrat & Chronicle since 1996 and publish Ear to the Ground PRO. Email Jane

Christina Le Beau — Writer

Christina Le Beau, author of our ‘Rooted’ column, writes about food literacy and sustainability for publications nationwide. She blogs at Spoonfed: Raising Kids to Think About the Food They Eat.

Cathy Monrad — Graphic Designer

Cathy Monrad, Graphic Designer and self-proclaimed garden crafter. E-mail Cathy

Michelle Sutton — Writer & Editor

Michelle Sutton (formerly Buckstrup) is a horticulturist, writer, and editor:

Kimberly Burkard — Subscriptions Manager

Kimberly Burkard is our Calendar Editor and Subscriptions Manager. She also works on special projects. E-mail Kim

Redbud and Trout Lily — Faithful Companions

Brian Eshenaur — Technical Editor

Brian Eshenaur, our esteemed Technical Editor, is an IPM specialist with Cornell Cooperative Extension.

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