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August is “Tree Check” month

The New York Invasive Species Council calls August “Tree Check” month and asks people to keep an eye out for harmful bugs. 

Emerald ash borer: a half-inch long, metallic green beetle. Adults emerge from ash trees in June and fly through August.

Emerald ash borer.

Asian Longhorned beetle: a large, shiny black beetle with white spots and long antennae. Adults emerge from trees in August, leaving exit holes about the size of a dime.

Asian Longhorned beetle. Photo courtesy NYS IPM

Gypsy Moth: The female moths are white with small brown markings and begin laying hundreds of eggs in August.

Gypsy Moth. Photo courtesy NYS IPM

Spotted Lanternfly: Adults are one inch long, gray with black spotted wings  and black legs and head. The abdomen is yellow. Abundant in August. It’s in parts of Pennsylvania right now.  Keep an eye out for its appearance in NY. 

Spotted Lanternfly. Photo courtesy USDA

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