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WHAT 2 WHERE: A summer day to yourself

Rochester's summers are glorious and we'll help you make the most of them with these tips for fun and fashion.

What if you had a whole day to yourself to do whatever you wanted morning, noon, and night? Where would you go, and what would you do? More importantly, what would you wear? Naturally, we have some ideas. Plus, we’ll show you how to style two head-to-toe looks perfect for your mid-summer dream of a day off.

A little rain never stops Katelin Ryan from having fun at the Rochester Public Market

Her style: Unconventional; never matchy-matchy. 

What she does: Communications director at the Ad Council of Rochester.  

What she’s wearing: Top, skirt, and accessories from Peppermint Boutique; her own boots. 

585 summer love: The empanadas! The people! The ice-cold bevies! What more could a girl ask for?

Wake up with a sparkling mimosa at The Frog Pond on Park Avenue. People-watch as stealthily as a cat in sunglasses from One Hip Chic.


Drop in for some yoga and a fresh-pressed carrot juice at Breathe Yoga. Ganesh, the elephant-headed god of wisdom and this cute t-shirt says you can exhale now.

Top off your downward dogs with a summery fedora and an order of hand-cut french fries from Le Petit Poutine food truck. You hipster, you.

Danielle Deuel loves the Fox Trot—and the Gummi Bear.  Edible’s Gummi Bear Martini, that is.

Her style: Glam but comfortable

What she does: Owner/ballroom dance instructor at the Neighborhood of the Arts’ Nu Movement

What she’s wearing: Blessed are the Meek dress from Dado Boutique; her own shoes. BFF Riley approves.

585 summer love: The light on the sidewalk at this time of day is just magical.

Sit on the dock, sip margaritas, and watch the sun set at Marge’s Lakeside Inn. Your best
accessory: sunscreen.


Slouchy, vintage Levis cut-offs from Treasure Trove Vintage are cool and caj for movies under the stars at Highland Bowl. Zero Dark Thirty never looked so good.


These statement earrings from Panache Vintage & Finer Consignment are perfect for the late-night bohemian vibe at Cure in the Public Market. Try a signature Faith in Medicine tonic.

Slip into beaded sandals and groove to live roots rock on the patio at Abilene. Order the Moscow Mule, served in its own copper mug. 

Kate Sonnick is a creative director, writer, blogger, and inspiration hoarder with a serious fashion jones. Follow her on Pinterest, Twitter, and at

Location photos by Lisa Hughes; product photos by Lisa Hughes and various vendors; Katelin’s makeup by Kieley Burnham; Danielle’s makeup and hair by Robert Liberio.


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