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Magazine Author: Kate Sonnick


  New York’s got balls—and a closet full of black. Boston is preppy. Seattle owns grunge. Miami oozes sex. But what’s Rochester’s style? Do we

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Anarchy in the Roc

I WANNA BE CREATIVE. The Grammy award–winning Ying Quartet first performed professionally in 1992. As quartet-in-residence and educators at the Eastman School of Music, they’ve performed

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A fashionable escape

Off a secluded road in Genesee County lies an enchanted garden filled with tree peonies, koi ponds—and killer shoes. Dinah’s jacket and skirt from Dado Boutique;

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Move over, Harvey Wallbanger

Legend says a woman mixed the world’s very first cocktail—bawdy innkeeper Betty Flanagan, back in the early 1800s—but men have historically dominated the world behind

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