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Summer state of mind

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As our uniquely upstate seasons continue to change, summer is ready to show its joyous face once more. That means warmer temps, longer days, and cooler looks are all on the horizon. Yes, you would be correct in thinking of summer as the warm period ranging from June to September in the Northern Hemisphere. Around here, though, it’s much more than just that. It is a feeling. A skate session. Open windows. Barefoot soccer. Loud music. Finger Lakes wine. The shoreline at sunset. Simply put, it is time spent outside any way you want. Summer is a state of mind.

No matter how you choose to enjoy that state of mind, the garments we wear become an integral part of the whole process. Whether function or solely for expression—matching the fit to the occasion impacts how we experience that oh-so-sunny feeling. For example, no matter how sunny it actually is; swimming in denim shorts is a rainy day at best. There are a few stand out textile brands that perfectly embody summer and help turn those sun-filled daydreams into a reality.

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Brands like Roark and Patagonia exist by and for the traveler and the rambler. Roark’s seasonal drops are always something to keep an eye out for. Roark connects artists, athletes, and storytellers from around the globe to produce location-inspired lines, the most recent showcasing their time in New Zealand (Aotearoa in the Māori language). The great thing about these brands is that they bridge the gap between technical and causal applications. Both offer well-made basics, graphics, and button downs on one end with a range of lightweight, breathable, and moisture wicking tops and bottoms on the other: ideal if you are looking to make a seamless transition from trail to town. Arc’teryx also lands itself firmly in this category, offering the highest quality goods on the market when it comes to outdoor equipment—but the brand has shown itself to be a beloved staple in the fashion scene as well.

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Let’s shift focus from a breezy, active summer feel to a refined, relaxed, luxurious experience. British Heritage brand Sunspel has been offering exquisitely tailored garments and mesmerizing color pallettes since 1860. Committed to making only the finest essentials, Sunspel is proof that some styles are simply timeless. An array of tees, polos, and buttoned tops provide collar offerings one could have only dreamed of in their youth. These looks are ideal for an elevated summer wardrobe that wears in the city or on the water. Pair with Raen Sunglasses to round out the look.

As the season continues to peak, keep Patagonia, Roark, Arc’teryx, Sunspel, and Raen on your radar. Embrace that summer state of mind.

MODELS: David Lurye, Bri Wigent

PHOTOS: Greg Hollar

WORDS: Robby Houppert

STYLING: David Lurye


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