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Swing on a star

The April 8 solar eclipse has everyone looking up at the sky. What mysteries and wonders lie among the stars? What’s on the other side

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Concert core

My first experience with occasion-specific concert wear was Taylor Swift’s Reputation tour. Swift gushed about how amazed she was by everyone’s dedication to dressing the

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Summer state of mind

As our uniquely upstate seasons continue to change, summer is ready to show its joyous face once more. That means warmer temps, longer days, and

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Flower City style

Our beloved Rochester is known for its rich history, diverse culture, and fabulous lilacs. Celebrate the best of the Flower City by donning some fun-and-flirty

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Bridal body art

Henna body art, also known as mehndi, has a 5,000-year-old history. For brides preparing for their big day, mehndi holds important cultural, social, and personal

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Dress code

We’ve all seen the classic wedding cake topper: a lovely little bride all in white (modest, of course) next to her tuxedoed groom. Simple, classic,

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Dress your best

Many brides-to-be walk into dress boutiques knowing exactly what they want their dream dress to look like. But sometimes that confidence is a little bit

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Fire it up

The calendar is quickly filling up with holiday parties, from cheesy office gatherings (maybe the kind you’d rather skip) to black-tie dinners and all-night New

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