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Reading Rochester

Cuddle with a book by the heat vent while supporting Rochester writers.

You 1 Anxiety 0 by Jodi Aman

Win your freedom back from fear and panic to keep calm in a crazy world

“Anxiety is curable,” writes Aman. “Even if you’ve had it forever. Even if therapy hasn’t worked. Even if you feel hopeless.” Her expertise from twenty years of counseling shines through these pages as she walks you step-by-step through your own cognitive dissonance and irrationalities. Complete with workshop-style pages, You 1 Anxiety 0 may be exactly what you need to end an unrelenting cycle of fear, stress, and doubt.


Heirlooms by Rachel Hall 

Inspired by her own family’s letters and photographs on display in the U. S. Holocaust Memorial Museum in Washington, DC, Hall’s story follows four generations of holocaust survivors as they try and find their place in the world. Heirlooms begins on the French coast in 1939 and concludes fifty years later in the American Midwest, offering an intimate, touching, and haunting insight into the lives of Jewish immigrants.


The Penny Collector by Stephen S. Nazarian 

How everything you do is like money in the bank

Penfield resident Stephen Nazarian has lived his life by one princlple: “No matter how any given situation turns out, as long as you come out of it with a good story, it was worth doing.” On his blog he’s recounted times in his life this philosophy has proven useful and has now fulfilled his dream of compiling fifty-two of his unique memoir-esque fables into a book.


The Psychic Highway by Michael T. Keene 

How the Erie Canal changed America 

In Keene’s fifth book on New York history, he navigates the Erie Canal’s significance as it weaves its way through race relations, women’s rights, industrialization, and religion. Historical photographs and maps on nearly every page help draw a direct line between the Rochesterian and this region’s history. The canal’s intersectionality makes it the perfect symbol for what it means to live in upstate New York.


dreamthink by DC Taylor 

Dare to dream… 

Enter the world of dreamthink, a spiritual intersection of The Twilight Zone, Stephen King, and Douglas Adams. Nineteen “journeys into the farthest reaches of the imagination” explore themes such as dreams, destiny, and dystopia.


John Ernst is (585)’s editorial intern. 

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