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Magazine Author: John Ernst

The entrepreneur

You mentioned in a speech that you got your first job when you were fourteen. What was it?  I was a peer educator through Prevention

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Unplugged: The energy

The Red Fern 283 Oxford St. 563-7633 What have you done about dancing with clubs closed for the shutdown?  Oh, did you find out

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A fresh canvas

Anyone who keeps up with local news knows that on Christmas Eve 2020, City Blue Imaging burned to the ground. But it doesn’t end there.

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The Reprise

When Andreas Delfs was in his twenties, two of his cousins moved to New York to study at Cornell. “They loved it so much here

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The duality

Bartenders meet all types. And to get along with every one of them, it takes equal parts love for the deeply meaningful and senselessly bizarre.

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Setting back the clock

In 1911, dozens of businesses around Rochester bought special ads in the paper to announce a change in address. “Come visit our new location,” they

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Unplugged: The saint

What is the best movie representation of you?  That is a great question. You hope you’re brought to life by some great actors and well-written

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Unplugged: The shot

During his lifetime, Tommy Brunett founded Iron Smoke Distillery, toured the world with his band, helped revitalize a run-down neighborhood in Fairport, has been homeless,

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