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Nitrate Picture Show

The Nitrate Picture Show, a festival of film conservation, just wrapped up yesterday at the Eastman Museum’s Dryden Theatre. The festival includes screenings of nitrate prints from the Eastman Museum’s collection as well as international archives. Lectures from leading film conservationists, historians, and archivists were also featured.

For the seventh year attendees from around the world enjoyed iconic films shown in their original 35 mm nitrate format. The Wizard of Oz, Duel in the Sun, and Black Narcissus were just a few of this year’s many iconic features show at the Dryden.

Duel In The Sun

Duel in the Sun, courtesy of the Nitrate Picture Show

Black Narcissus

Black Narcissus, courtesy of the Nitrate Picture Show

The Wizard Of Oz

Wizard of Oz, courtesy of the Nitrate Picture Show


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