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Drip, drop, drip

Rain chains are all the rage, and for good reason. These decorative metal chains redirect water from your gutter to the ground instead of your traditional downspout. There are lots of options online and in stores, but you can make a simple one at home. 


Metal shower curtain rings 

Assorted glass beads (larger size with wide holes) 

28-gauge galvanized steel “hanging” wire OR large stainless steel paperclips 

Rain chain gutter adapter (available online and in many garden centers)




1. Measure the distance from the ground to the gutter so you know how long your chain should be. 

2. Install the gutter adapter according to package directions. 

3. Clip several lengths of wire (3 to 4 inches is a good place to start, but you can cut longer pieces if desired) using the wire snippers on your pliers. Thread the pieces of wire with several beads and use the pliers to create a curl of wire at each end. Alternately, you can use paper clips. Open the clip with the pliers and follow the same steps. 

4. Attach the pieces of wire and beads to the shower curtain rings in your desired pattern until the rain chain is the length you need. 

5. Hang from your gutter adapter and enjoy!

Christine Green is the managing editor of Upstate Gardeners’ Journal.

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