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Drink like a Viking

Drink like a Viking: Corfu's Midgard Winery

“Drink like a Viking.” That’s the slogan of the Potoczak family, operators of Corfu’s new Midgard Winery. The Potoczaks have been beekeepers for close to forty years, and the raw honey they use to make their wine comes from their own apiary, run in a noninvasive, organic style. 

Mead, or honey wine, like many “new” food and drinks of old—fermented foods like kefir, kimchi, and sauerkraut come to mind—is seeing a renaissance. True mead is made with just honey and water, while Midgard honey wine has apple juice from Hall’s Orchards in Lockport mixed in. The Potoczaks make fruit wines, too, using local grapes and blueberries. 

Midgard Winery doesn’t have a tasting room—yet—but its products are available at area liquor stores, farmers markets, and special events. To contact the company, see where their next event is being held, or find out about local availability, visit their Facebook page. 



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