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The gift of reading

Celebrate the holidays with gifts for your mind—books! Whether shopping for yourself or others, you’ll find a selection of locally powered titles here. Bonus: all

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Meaningful impact

Years ago, I wrote an article titled “Charity is easy . . . especially when wine is involved” for a Rochester publication. I stand by

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Twice upon a dream

On a crisp Saturday night last November, the Rascals played to an enthusiastic crowd at the Kodak Theater. Clips of the band in their 1960s

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Love every(body)

The word boudoir is a French term referring to a woman’s private dressing room. Historically, boudoirs were decorated with lush fabrics like silks and satin.

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Three times five

The first couple of generations of winery owners following the Farm Winery Act of 1976 were often reluctant businesspeople. Aspects like marketing, for example, were

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From buttons to bourbon

The Barrett family had been making but- tons since 1922, but in 2012 they transitioned from metals to grains when master distiller Jason Barrett founded

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Stronger together

There’s something special happening at 539 South Avenue, and it’s called Women of Color New York. Over the last eight months, the collective that operates

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What’s in a name? Historically, the artist’s signature has reigned supreme, creating value and prestige in the art world. However, fifteen years ago, Rochester Contemporary

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