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Audrey asks…a DJ

Photo by Michael Hanlon

Ja’lynn Marie Patmon a.k.a. DJ Coco

Audrey is a curious twelve-year-old who wants to learn more about everything. She is searching for kids in the Rochester area who are doing big things. 

Today she interviews thirteen-year-old Ja’lynn Marie Patmon who is known around Rochester as DJ Coco. Ja’lynn is an eighth grader at the Harley School. She loves Chicago Med, Tyler Perry movies, and YouTube. Her favorite music is rap and R&B, and her favorite foods are wings, seafood, and French fries. She has two sisters, one brother, and a Shitzu/ Yorkie named Coco.

What made you want to become a DJ? 

I was interested in all the DJs I have seen, and I also went to a DJ camp at 585 Dream. 

Who inspired you? 

Khadija Yawn, who is my mentor and a DJ, too. 

Favorite books? 

I really like the books we read in school like Macbeth, The Outsiders, and The Book Thief.

When did you decide to start DJing and why? 

In 2020. I love listening to music in the genres I like. I loved how other DJs mixed every genre I liked and I wanted to learn how to do it. 

What is your dream venue and performer? 

I want to go on tour to other states. I would love to work with Beyoncé, Rod Wave, and Drake!

What is your setup like? 

I have a table, DJ equipment, and facade. I use Serato DJ software on my Mac computer. My computer and speakers are connected to my DJ board. I wear headphones when I mix the music and, sometimes, I’ll use a microphone. 

Where have you performed in the past? 

I have performed at Rochester summer concerts, birthday and Christmas parties, the Memorial Day parade, and the Juneteenth festival. I perform at teen parties and cheer competitions. Recently, I DJ’d for a famous teen, That Girl Lay Lay

Wow! Can you tell me more about that? 

We were one of the opening acts at the RBTL Auditorium Theatre. There were so many people in the audience!

Do you have any upcoming events? 

Yes, I’ll doing a Dioman Renee Dance showcase, Rise up Rochester, and I will probably be performing at Cheer Competitions, teen parties, and school events. 

That sounds like a lot of work. Do you have to take any time off of school? 

No, I try to schedule around weekends, so I don’t have to miss any school. 

What do you have to do to prepare for your events? 

I have to figure out what type of party it is, then I get the playlist, which could be R&B, jazz, hiphop. Then I have to choose my outfit based on the theme. Some events are background events. Line dances are always a hit. 

Do you have any hobbies or secret talents? 

I like to paint and do hair in my free time. I’m also a cheerleader, basketball player, trumpet player, actor, and author. 

I heard that you coauthored a book! What’s it about? 

Yeah, it’s called Pretty from the Kink in my Curls to the Beat In my Step. I wrote it with my mom after I was bullied as a little girl, for my skin color. It’s for grades three to six, and it encourages girls to love themselves.

Are you planning on sticking with being a DJ in the future? 

For sure, I think it’s a really nice skill to have. But I want to be a doctor when I grow up. 

That is a pretty cool skill for a doctor to have! How can people find out where you are performing? 

They can follow me! Instagram: @jalynn_marie_p Facebook: @Jalynn Marie

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