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Magazine Author: Donna De Palma

The Circle Play Café

A prenatal yoga class started a friendship that launched two young moms into business. Caitlin Hummel and Ashley Power were both pregnant when they met,

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Kids who love art

by Donna De Palma There’s nothing like a visit to a local art museum for a kid who likes, even loves, art. I know because

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Buried Treasure

Like any buried treasure, unearthing a sunken garden in Irondequoit left many questions unanswered.  Twenty-four years ago, Stephen Schantz, a retired developer, purchased an estate

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Giant of design

When I visited Joshua Enck’s studio in downtown Rochester, he was working on a twenty-one-foot, welded steel, sheet metal sculpture that, when completed, would weigh

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At the apogee

Some might be surprised by Simone Boone’s trajectory from bartender to certified sommelier. That is, everyone except for Boone herself.  The owner of Apogee Wine

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Eyes on the prize

My checkered eyeglass-wearing past began at three years old. Included was an eye patch over a lazy eye that I’d peek out from under any

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