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National Susan B. Anthony Museum & House

Honoring Equal Rights & Local History


As many of you know, Susan B. Anthony spent much of her life struggling to gain voting rights for women, but she also worked hard to get equal rights for all. Lucky for all of us in Rochester, Miss Anthony lived right here during most of the politically active period of her life. In fact, this is where she was famously arrested for voting in 1872.When you visit the Susan B. Anthony House you will get more than just the facts, you will get a look into the past, and see, touch, and walk on many of the same surfaces as this extraordinary woman. You will see the front parlor where her arrest took place by a U.S. Marshal. At the back parlor you can picture her close friend Frederick Douglass coming to visit, working on campaigns, and plotting strategy for the anti-slavery and women’s rights movements right alongside her. On the second floor you will get to visit the bedrooms of the Anthony sisters. Mary S. Anthony was one of the first women principals in Rochester, which you can hear all about on your tour. When you look into Susan B. Anthony’s room you are seeing the last place she ever lived, including one of her dresses and the history of its making. Come visit this historical landmark that’s right here in Rochester. It’s amazing what you can learn in your own backyard!

Helpful Information

When it’s open:

Tuesday through Sunday, 11am-5pmPricing: Check website for current pricing.

Special Programs:Change It!: Visitors will gain access to unique primary source materials, and then use these historical resources to help stage their very own mock demonstration to protest for rights denied to women in the U.S. during the 19th century. Secondary level students will apply the historical resource material to contemporary issues. The program is an hour and a half and is available from 9am-4pm on open days, $6 per student, recommended for grades 4-12.

Neighborhood Connections: After school program hosted once a week in the Carriage House. Activites focus on our neighborhood involving the House and stories of Susan B. Anthony. Includes a snack, sharing time, an activity, and a project which may be ongoing from month to month. For elementary school age kids to attend and middle school and high school kids to assist with, (great source of volunteer hours). Tuesdays 3pm-5pm when school is in session.

17 Madison St., Rochester, New York 14608

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