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MOST – Museum of Science and Technology

We’re “Making More of the MOST”!

Downtown Syracuse’s MOST vibrant attraction is becoming even MORE interactive…MORE fun for families…MORE entertaining…MORE educational…and MORE science-rific!



Welcome to Home Made Science! where we will post new and exciting projects for you to do at home using readily available materials.

If you have an idea or a cool project that you’ve done, that you would like to see in this section let us know. Contact the Education Department at the museum.

The Projects:

Bottle Feeders (NEW)

Colored Layer “Cake” in a Straw

Cereal Bird Feeder

Orangepeel Feeders  

Cabbage Juice PH Indicator

Pinhole Tube

Pinecone Feeders

Keep checking back for more fun projects!

500 S. Franklin Street, Syracuse, New York 13202

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