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Integrated & Accessible Playgrounds

Fun for Everyone!

Whether they’re swinging, sliding, or sandbox exploring, kids love playgrounds. But those with special needs may be unable to experience this fun, as the design of traditional playgrounds is often unaccommodating to their unique needs. Luckily, more and more parks are implementing equipment that gives children of all abilities the opportunity to enjoy a day of play.

One of the largest and most popular of these types of playgrounds is located in Onondaga Lake Park in Liverpool. Built in 2003 in partnership with Boundless Playgrounds, a Connecticut-based non-profit organization, Wegmans Playground is designed in a way that encourages all children – with or without any physical, sensory, or developmental disabilities – to play, learn and grow together. In order to accomplish this, the 35,000 square-foot park has many unique features including: ramp access, a wheelchair accessible teeter-totter structure, sensory-rich play stations and a specially formulated surface that allows easy wheelchair navigation. Thanks to these features, the playground is 70 percent wheelchair accessible – an impressive figure, considering that the figure is only around 20 percent for the average playground.

For those looking to play a little closer to home, several parks in the Rochester area offer certain accommodations for those with special needs (see sidebar). Popular among these features are handicap accessible swings which provide greater body support and feature secure harnesses that allow children with mobility difficulties to swing in comfort and safety.

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Dawn to dusk, daily.

Other Accessible Playgrounds in our Area:

Greece Town Hall Playground

One Vince Tofany Boulevard, Greece

Located right near the town hall & public library, this colorful playgroundcounts a handicap accessible swing among its equipment. Port-o-potties are also available on site.

Perinton Park Playground

99 O’Connor Road, Fairport

Scenically located on the canal, Perinton Park’s playground features a handicap accessible swing. There is also handicap fishing access elsewhere in the park.

106 Lake Drive, Liverpool, New York

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