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Dryden Theatre

The 500-seat Dryden Theatre is the premier exhibition space for the art of cinema as championed and interpreted by the George Eastman Museum. Presenting film screenings every day of the week, the Dryden is devoted to showing all films in their original formats, thus honoring and reproducing their historical—and aesthetically supreme—modes of exhibition. It is one of the very few theaters in the world equipped for the projection of original nitrate film that also makes nitrate film screenings part of its regular program.

Dryden Kids is designed to provide the youngest audiences and their parents with awareness that great entertainment is often also great art, and a remarkable tool for both understanding and finding our way around the world. In keeping with its mission to promote the art and history of cinema, the Dryden Theatre is encouraging younger audiences to see classics that have shaped their parents’ (and grandparents’) childhoods on the big screen in their original formats, as they were intended to be. All Dryden Kids film screenings are free for attendees 17 years old and younger!

900 East Ave., Rochester, New York 14607

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