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Courageous Evolution

What could you do in your life if you were BRAVER and STRONGER?

Are you a perfectionist?
Do you worry about being ‘good enough’? (or smart enough, rich enough, thin enough, etc)
Do you have trouble saying “no”?
Is it difficult to let go of shameful experiences?
Do you want to let go of your anxiety?
Are you overwhelmed with trying to do it all?
Do you struggle with body image?
Are you a fan of Brené Brown?

The profound truth: Being willing to show up and be seen with no guarantee of the outcome is vulnerable, and “it’s the ONLY path to more love, belonging, creativity, and joy. But living a brave life is not always easy: We are, inevitably, going to stumble and fall.” (Brené Brown) The challenge before you is to become brave enough to own your stories and write your endings.

Rochester, New York

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