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Buffalo Museum of Science

 By the end 2015, we plan to have all of our planned Science Studios opened to the public, including:  

1: Explore YOU presented by Independent Health

How many people really know how to take care of their body? After all, you only get one. In our Health Science Studio, visitors can explore anatomy and learn about important decisions they can make to improve and maintain their health. Interactive exhibits give a hands-on approach to disease prevention and treatment and explore the most recent advances in medical technology.  Learn more.   

2: Our Marvelous Earth presented by the Ackerman Family

Learn about the weather above our heads and the geological phenomena beneath our feet in the Earth Systems Studio.  Visitors can explore dramatic weather events and even learn how the planet’s natural forces such as wind, water, and sun can be used for energy. Record your own weather forecast, experience hurricane-force winds and explore our planet’s systems with your fingertips. Learn more.

3: In Motion

Objects in motion stay in motion, and that is exactly what visitors can expect from In Motion. This studio is an action-packed testing laboratory where visitors can become scientists and explore the physics of motion by building their own devices and conducting their own experiments.  Learn more.

4: Bug WorksNow Open!

Come and learn all about different creepy crawlies in the our newest science studio which explores the lives and purpose of insects and their arthropod kin. Interactive exhibits and media displays make a usually microscopic experience larger than life!

5: Culture Science Studio

The different cultures of the world are more alike than you may think. The Culture Studio explores the differences and similarities between facets of world cultures such as toys, food, music, body decoration, and even ideas about the afterlife. The exhibits make it easy and fun for visitors to experience these cultural comparisons.

6: Biodiversity Science Studio

The Biodiversity Studio features the museum’s existing collection of scenic dioramas and turns it into an informative, interactive experience. Visitors will be able to explore Western New York’s own environment and learn how to identify the region’s plants and animals. Detailed exhibits will also explore the relationship between Western New York’s environment and other ecosystems around the world.  

7: Extinction Science Studio

The Extinction Studio trades dusty bones and dry facts for an epic narrative about the development of life on Earth. Visitors can explore evolutionary events that made the headlines in the history of this planet. Visitors can also learn the major causes of extinction and fundamentally learn that extinction is merely necessary for the ongoing diversity of life.   

8: Space Science Studio

Reach for the stars in the Space Studio and you will find that the final frontier is closer than you think. In this studio, visitors will learn about space exploration in depth and even find out what it is like to be an astronaut through interactive exhibits. Also, learn about astronomy and even make scientific predictions about life beyond our planet. 

1020 Humboldt Parkway, Buffalo, New York 14211

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