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A Second Thought Resale Shop

A Second Thought Resale Shop opened in 2001 and offers clothing for the entire family, in addition to fashion accessories and housewares. The store is owned and operated by Heritage Christian Services and all sale proceeds benefit the agency’s International Ministries, which includes collecting, refurbishing and matching wheelchairs to people in third world countries.

Heritage Christian Services is a thriving human services agency that supports more than 1,800 children and adults with disabilities; provides high quality child care; and matches business owners with talented workers who have disabilities.

In addition to A Second Thought Resale Shop, HCS is also known for innovative programs like the Pieters Family Life Center and Expressive Beginnings Child Care in Henrietta, Springdale Farm in Ogden, and Heritage Christian Stables in Webster.

We Greatly Appreciate Donations

All donations are 100% tax deductible if you itemize your deductions. A tax receipt will be given to you when you drop off your items.

What we accept:

Please make sure items are clean and in good condition. No rips, stains or missing buttons.

Any textile items donated that we are unable to sell because they are not up to our standards, are sold to St. Pauly Textile Inc. They oftentimes will shred the items to be used in insulation and also will send some items to third world countries.

What we are unable to accept:

We regret that we cannot accept cribs, car seats, bed pillows, mattresses and box springs, undergarments or computers.

Where and when to donate:

You may drop off your donations right at our store during regular business hours.

349 W Commercial St # 1800, East Rochester, New York 14445

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