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Stump the Chump: July-August 2017

by Ted Collins

The first person to answer correctly will win a $50 gift certificate to Aladdin’s. Please call or text 585/734-8967, or email [email protected] to guess.

We will accept guesses starting July 17, 2017, in order to give everyone a fair chance. Good luck!

Name six plants within this vase,common names will do.Be more specific? I know a floristThat will hire you.We cheated a bit. We painted two. Just to make it fun. So you’ll feel smart, when you enjoy The dinner gift you’ve won.IMG_4522IMG_4529IMG_4526IMG_4525IMG_4523IMG_4521croppedIMG_4521

The answer to the November-Decmber 2016 stumper: Robinia hispida (bristly locust)

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