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Nick's Picks: Shui Asian Fusion

Shui Asian Fusion has always been known for its exterior. In an old Kentucky Fried Chicken building redesigned to feature a vibrant, ocean blue awning and highlighter yellow text spelling out the restaurant’s name, Shui, without any immediate neighbors, served as a landmark for thousands of motorists each day on Rochester’s Main Street.

Having recently moved to the foodie haven that is the Village Gate complex, forgoing its iconic Main Street location, Shui still stands out, now more for its delicious ChineseThai fusion dishes than any aesthetic anomalies.  

The menu, which would take dozens of visits to sift through, is a reflection of owner, James Zou’s, background. Zou, who is Chinese, but has experience working in Thai restaurants, splits the menu split between each country’s most popular dishes.

On the Chinese side, Shui offers ubiquitous favorites like Moo Goo Gai Pei, an originally Cantonese dish with sliced chicken, fresh mushrooms, carrots, snow peas, water chestnuts, and a savory sauce of sesame oil and soy sauce. Also on Shui’s menu are dishes true to authentic Chinese cuisine like the Song Zi Fish, which utilizes Yellow Croaker that is perfectly crispy on its outside and moist and tender on its inside, served with crunchy bell peppers, and a tangy, sweet and sour chili sauce.

Shui’s Thai selections, which outnumber its Chinese options, include myriad noodle and rice dishes such as pad Thai, pineapple-coconut fried rice, and Panang curry, which has a thick consistency and a peanut flavor that balances between salty and sweet. There are also several meat-centric stir-fry dishes like nua pad prik-tenderthinly sliced pepper steak accompanied by jasmine rice, fresh vegetables peppercorns, and a spicy sauce.

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