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Nick's Picks: Shortwave

Patrons of Radio Social now have an alternative to the restaurant’s dinner menu. With the recent addition of Shortwave, a fast-service ordering counter, diners have the option of several elevated finger foods that can be brought into the bowling alley. Shortwave’s cuisine is a thematic departure from Radio Social’s dining room, Ophira, which serves high-concept Middle-Eastern fare.

“The counter is just fun and it allows us to create our own spin on bowling alley food but we’re still going at it from a super high level and sourcing the highest level ingredients we can,” says executive chef Steven Eakins.

Shortwave’s menu includes six brick oven pizza options; three white and three red. Each is made from both local and Italian flour, as well as naturally leavened dough that can trace itself back to a sourdough starter in Naples, Italy. Chicken wings, curly fries, seven layer dip, and a cheeseburger with locally sourced meat also highlight the menu.

Convenience may be the most obvious advantage of the Shortwave counter but the introduction of familiar, accessible classics also opens up freedom for Ophira. Rather than compromising in the dining room, Shortwave is able to satisfy tentative eaters, while Ophira continues serving bold dishes like braised littleneck clams, scallops with squid ink rice, and roasted duck dolma with foie gras and amba jam. Though Ophira’s cuisine may be uncommon to Rochester, Eakins credits its success for the introduction of Shortwave.

“With the overall general response from the public and just the blessing of being fairly well received, we’ve had the fortune of being able to open something new,” says Eakins. “Having two dining options within one big place is fun for us and ultimately it’s a great thing for anybody who comes into the door because now there’s something for anyone, during any time of the year, and on any occasion.”

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