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Letter from the editor

One of the very silly things I wrote under my senior photo in my yearbook back in 1991 was, “I want a puppy.” I was obsessed with dogs. We had a big fluffy Samoyed name Prince when I was a little girl, but when he died my parents decided they were done with pets. It didn’t stop me from relentlessly begging them to change their mind, though.

So, several years later when I was on my own, I got my first dog, Macintosh. Then there was Mocha a few years later. Both of these sweet labs have passed now, and in 2022 we adopted Luna. She’s a weird and wild mutt who we pamper like a little queen. Pampered or not she sure brings my family endless joy.

According to an April 2023 Pew Research Study, 62% of Americans own a pet and 97% of these people say their pets are a member of the family. What this all means is that we love our animals! It only makes sense that our pets also get their own magazine. I hope you enjoy this inaugural issue of (585) Pets. By the way, say “hi” to your dog for me.


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