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Got Deer? See Here. (Giveaway)

OK, this isn’t a sponsored post. We are just doing it because we like these folks and imagine this product works pretty well. But YOU tell US… One commenter (on our facebook page, until we can figure out how to turn comments back on!) will win a 32 oz. ready-to-use container of DEER DEFEAT!

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Here’s what the company has to say:


DEER DEFEAT – “It Can’t Be Beat” is a natural deer repellent, an environmentally friendly  product that repels deer, rabbits and groundhogs through both odor and taste. When used as instructed, DEER DEFEAT repellent spray will effectively  protect your garden plants, throughout the year from deer, rabbits,  groundhogs and other browsing animals, while simultaneously nourishing your plants.
DEER DEFEAT uses a combination of natural active ingredients.
Works as –         Multi-surface barrier and nutrient
Apply to –          Plants, flowers, garden, shrubs and trees
Deters by –        Odor
Application –      By Spray
For use –            Outdoors year round including winters
Food Crops –     Perimeter only
Duration –       Natural deer, rabbit and groundhog repellent spray  is long lasting and

rain resistant. It will not wash off even with prolonged periods of rainfall.

Deer Defeat is the only deer repellent you will ever need, used as directed we can assure you that your deer problems will be a thing of the past.


  • All Natural Ingredients
  • No Reapplying after Rain
  • Repels by Odor and Taste
  • Will NOT clog Sprayer
  • Dries Odorless
  • Winter Application
  • Year Round Protection
  • Nourishing to Plants
  • Safe for Humans and Animals
  • Made in America (NY)


If you have tried other products without much success, give Deer defeat a try and you too will discover that it can’t be beat!

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