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Future Past

Once again CMAC brought a legend to the Greater Rochester area. On September 3 the one and only Duran Duran brought their all to the stage in Canandaigua. The evening started with the opening act, Niles Rodgers and Chic. Many people know their fabulous 1978 disco hit “Le Freak,” but did you know that Rodgers also helped write and produce some of pop’s most iconic songs? Rodgers and Chic played not only some of their best music, but these hits, too. When they performed a medley of these songs–Madonna’s “Like a Virgin,” David Bowie’s “Let’s Dance,” Daft Punk’s “Get Lucky,” and more–the crowd went wild with excitement. 

C75 0304

Nile Rodgers and Chic, Photo by Jeff Gerew, C7 Photography

Bastille was supposed to take the stage next, but illness unfortunately forced them to cancel. But when the pause between acts ended, Duran Duran’s performance more than made up for it. They opened with “Night Boat,” just as some fans predicted they would. This song led into “Wild Boys,”  and from there every eighties baby felt transported back to a time when we all waited for those MTV video countdowns. Remember those iconic Duran Duran videos like “Rio” and “Notorious?” Well, the incredible large-screen displays in the background made every song feel like a live-version music video. Close up of wolf eyes for “Hungry like the Wolf” anyone? 

Duran Duran’s next album, Danse Macbre, will drop in late October.

For a more detailed breakdown of the concert and the set list, read this great review by Just One More Concert.

It was the perfect show to end the 2023 season at CMAC, and we cannot wait to see what is on deck for 2024.

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Photo by Jeff Gerew, C7 Photography

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