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Ear to the Ground: July-August 2016

This is my favorite time of year: garden fresh produce direct from my backyard! There’s nothing like a homegrown tomato picked fresh and eaten immediately – hopefully mine will be ready soon. Just yesterday the first of my cucumbers were ready to harvest, it felt like my birthday and Christmas rolled all into one. I can imagine others feel as giddy as I about their gardens, and would love to share their plot. My hope is to share garden pictures (sent by you) with our social media community. They don’t have to be anything unusual or out of this world—some of the best ideas are the simplest and can manifest into something you’ve never thought on your own. Let’s latch onto the trend (thank you, Kathy Kepler) and inspire each other through social media posts of our creations!

Please send your garden pictures to [email protected].

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