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Magazine Author: Taylor Terrance

The promise of light

Frantic feet hurled my pedals forward as my bike rampaged toward the dead end of our street. The dead end was desolate and unmonitored, a

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Spirit of unity

With a propulsive rhythm keeping time, a kinetic energy begins to move through the dancers as their vibrant costumes orbit the space around them. Headdress

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Dance fever

“Group A, get on the stage NOW!” Oh snap, that’s me! I run up the stairs to the stage, pick a spot at the very

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The dress

I am casually flipping through one of my sister’s fashion magazines when I spot it on page ten: THE DRESS. A knee length, black, halter

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Our childhood fish tank contained five goldfish ceremoniously named after the New Kids on the Block. Every week my dad cleaned the tank and picked

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