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Magazine Author: Ruth Thaler-Carter

Shelters save

If you’re one of the many Rochesterians who adopted, fostered, or had to surrender animal companions in the past year, you aren’t alone. Animal shelters

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Keeping it good and simple

Ristorante Lucano 1815 East Avenue 244-3460   As Ristorante Lucano celebrated its nineteenth anniversary on November 13, the owners of this East Avenue stronghold

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Art we walk on

Rugs have always been considered as a form of art, even though their role is practical and even prosaic—we walk on them, after all—and we’re

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Hyperbolic action

Being a finalist in the Museum of Arts and Design (MAD; New York City) Burke Prize this fall was inspiring for Holland Houdek, a Rochester

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Return of the native

It can be daunting to step into the shoes of a long-standing, beloved leadership figure, but Kyle Semmel, the new executive director of Rochester’s Writers

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