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Magazine Author: Quajay Donnell

The road to The Avenue

The Avenue Blackbox has been a special place since opening its doors in June 2018. Now celebrating its fifth season, “The Ave” is a safe and

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Around town

Paper illustrator Laura Homsey creates lighthearted and joyful scenes with Petit Paper Stories, a small illustration business she started in 2020 at the peak of the pandemic.  “I

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Capture the moment

In a Q&A session after being featured in the Behind the Glass Gallery, four film photographers—Indy Maring, Roberto Felipe, Beth Larter, and Rudy Fabre—share their

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Finding the truth

Walter English had a feeling that there was more to his family story than what he was being told. For many Black people there are

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Stronger together

There’s something special happening at 539 South Avenue, and it’s called Women of Color New York. Over the last eight months, the collective that operates

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Be bold. Be gritty.

David Paul’s most important conversations always include a cup of coffee. These days, those cups are filled with a good pour-over, no cream or sugar.

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For the love of music

Music is a universal language, and one that brings us together. It speaks to us on an emotional level, intellectually at times, and often transports

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