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Magazine Author: Michael Benson

Stone killer

During the summer of 1887, Rochester’s population was about 50,000 but rapidly on the rise. Kodak, Bausch and Lomb, French’s, and Sibley’s were all in their infancy. Downtown, where the Erie

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Who Killed Snookie Evans?

Norris Evans, known to her friends as Snookie, was a twenty-seven-year-old mother of four small children who lived at 5 Kron Street in Rochester’s Nineteenth

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The Blue Gardenia

Soldiers of fortune will tell you—you’ve got to go where the war is. The same is true for pro killers. That’s why on December 17,

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A very lurid tale

  I have danced with evil, stared unblinkingly at depravity, and poked at the brains of psycho killers. I have memorized playfully sadistic crimes, creepy-crawly

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