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Magazine Author: Leah Stacy

A spirited operation

If you’ve never heard the word “hollerhorn” before, that’s because the folks behind the farm-to-distillery about an hour south of Rochester made it up. It’s

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Comfort during COVID

F.L.X. Wienery at ROC Brewing Co. 56 S. Union St. 794-9798 Like most popular American foods, the hot dog has humble beginnings. While it’s descended

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Voici le chef Lyonnaise

The French have a saying that goes “les carottes sont cuites,” meaning, literally, “the carrots are cooked,” and figuratively, “it’s all over now,” or “the

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Not your everyday ballet

Ballet has a certain reputation. The Nutcracker. Swan Lake. Cinderella. Tutus, top knots, tights. Each November, Rochesterians pour into Kodak Hall at Eastman Theatre to

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Progressive dinner

There’s a bit of an unspoken trend in Rochester dining. Dinner plans are made, and then so are drink plans. Pre-game or post-game is up

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Beyond the booze

Honeoye Falls Distillery 168 W Main St.  624-1770 Mayberry exists. and it’s half an hour outside Rochester. At least, that’s how it seems at

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Imbibing to revive

The word ‘revival’ conjures mental images of large white tents and evangelical masses falling to their knees in repentance as thundering voices from a pulpit

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