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Magazine Author: Danielle Preiss

Some like it hotter

Let’s face it: Rochester cuisine is not exactly known for being the spiciest. Sure, we’ve got superhot wings and hot sauce on garbage plates, but

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The other Kodak town

On a dusty street in Nepal’s capital city, a tiny shop’s folding wooden doors beckon customers with Kodak’s signature yellow and red. Under a retro

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Home is…

Like so many people who took their birthplaces for granted, the more years I spend away from Rochester, the brighter a torch I carry for

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Could be a Seinfeld

When it comes to brunch, the Jews fare pretty well. We might lag a little bit in holiday cuisines (can anyone say gefilte fish?), but

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Sold-out shows and sand art

Last night I was lucky to catch two sold-out shows: (585) editor Leah Stacy’s Intrepid and Fringe headliner Jay Pharaoh’s stand-up act.  Intrepid features five pioneering female

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Little Himalaya

Sound is the first sensation that assails you at Druk Spices Grocery Store. Sight and taste will come if you linger, but sound dominates this

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