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Dress your best

Many brides-to-be walk into dress boutiques knowing exactly what they want their dream dress to look like. But sometimes that confidence is a little bit

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Gallery of love

Stephanie and Kris Klinkbeil Stephanie and Kris Klinkbeil wanted a unique and interesting place to spend their special day and celebrate with friends and family.

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Pothole warrior

Rage escapes out of my dad’s mouth with a rapid-fire, machine-gun intensity that’s matched only by the smoke shooting out both his ears. Dad’s just

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Stop and smell the roses

Every summer the Maplewood Rose Garden in northwest Rochester bursts with vibrant color as more than 300 varieties of roses come into bloom. The one-acre

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I find that understanding people really lies in the art of decoding. By nature, people never overtly state their personality traits, but the way they

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