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Rewinding the roll

Thirty-six undeveloped exposures had been stuck behind the lens of my grandfather’s 35mm film camera for at least fifteen years before my dad and I

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In focus

Michael Hanlon Michael Hanlon loves to work with his hands. For one thing, this Rochester photographer loves tinkering with motorcycles and mopeds. “I have way

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Capture the moment

In a Q&A session after being featured in the Behind the Glass Gallery, four film photographers—Indy Maring, Roberto Felipe, Beth Larter, and Rudy Fabre—share their

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Love every(body)

The word boudoir is a French term referring to a woman’s private dressing room. Historically, boudoirs were decorated with lush fabrics like silks and satin.

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After the Fringe

The Rochester Fringe Festival was exhilarating and enchanting. With over 500 events to choose from the (585) team was able to attend Cirque du Fringe:

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