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Tag: Pete Wayner

Rum’s ship comes in

In January, the Spanish Civil Guard apprehended a ring of counterfeiters with $4.3 million dollars in fake rum. The schlock was produced in the Dominican

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Whiskey? Neat!

The nice thing about whiskey is you can enjoy it in complete ignorance. So, feel free to skip the next thousand words or so, pop

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Houseplants 101

The Royal Horticultural Society in London conducted an experiment. They wanted to see if talking to plants boosted growth, so they attached headphones to some tomato plants’ pots (adorable) and played voices

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Functionally fluid

If 2020 taught us anything, it’s that adaptability makes life easier. Of course, any Rochesterian who has experienced the transition between summer and autumn knew

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Cocktails in crisis

The drinking from home stigma is a pretty threadbare tableau at this point. You can see the PSA now. Fade in on cheap, messy apartment.

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Paradise sauced

Swan Dive 289 Alexander St.  413-3306 A kid who bootlegged rum with his grandpa during Prohibition and then raveled the seas looking for adventure.

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Beyond the booze

Honeoye Falls Distillery 168 W Main St.  624-1770 Mayberry exists. and it’s half an hour outside Rochester. At least, that’s how it seems at

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