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A piece of Rochester history

Frank Lloyd Wright designed just one building in Rochester. “There’s a certain serenity in the house,” explains Jane Parker, who owns East Boulevard’s Boynton House

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Home away from home

The properties of Dell Collective are remarkable studies in interior design. Every aspect of each location that make up the collective evokes absolute coziness, a

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Buried Treasure

Like any buried treasure, unearthing a sunken garden in Irondequoit left many questions unanswered.  Twenty-four years ago, Stephen Schantz, a retired developer, purchased an estate

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Lost and Found

Victoria Savka likes to begin her day with a bike ride. She pedals through the countryside near her home in Auburn, visiting the farms that

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Finding joy

When asked how she hopes people will respond to her work, Sandra Charlap says, “I really hope they come away with the joy that I

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Green wave in the Flower City

Collecting houseplants has become more than a hobby—it’s now considered a lifestyle. Rochester’s notoriously long and gray winters combined with quarantine guidelines have caused a

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