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Southern comfort

Crisp 819 S. Clinton Ave., Rochester 978-7237 It all started at roller derby tryouts. Valerie was already on the team, and Wendi had her

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Gallery of love

Stephanie and Kris Klinkbeil Stephanie and Kris Klinkbeil wanted a unique and interesting place to spend their special day and celebrate with friends and family.

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Love, energy, and grace

[gtx_gallery] The magic of Fashion Week Rochester (FWR) is back this October. This year we’ll be stronger than ever as we restore the love, energy,

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Finding the truth

Walter English had a feeling that there was more to his family story than what he was being told. For many Black people there are

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Pride beyond the floats

In May of 1971—more than fifty years ago—the Rochester Gay Liberation Front organized its first official gay pride event, a well-attended (300 guests) picnic in

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Bucking the status quo

Like nearly every other project in Suzanne Mayer’s life, Hinge Neighbors started with a certain distaste for sitting still. “I had mentioned I was [thinking

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A nature trail for all

Right now, in Letchworth State Park, a completely original concept is taking shape.  “There really is nothing else quite like it,” says Loren Penman, who

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