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Bridal body art

Henna body art, also known as mehndi, has a 5,000-year-old history. For brides preparing for their big day, mehndi holds important cultural, social, and personal

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Finding the truth

Walter English had a feeling that there was more to his family story than what he was being told. For many Black people there are

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Paranormal pub

On any given evening you can find a real mix of clientele at the Union Tavern.There are young people who have just recently moved to

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Be bold. Be gritty.

David Paul’s most important conversations always include a cup of coffee. These days, those cups are filled with a good pour-over, no cream or sugar.

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Adorning skin

The body is a temple, but for some it may look more like a gallery. Decorating the body with permanent pieces of art in the

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A strong female lead

Bridgette Yaxley could have graduated in her junior year at Byron-Bergen Central School. However, she chose to stay, spending her senior year taking classes that

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Dog parks and bars

I know a lot about dog parks.  In 2013, I formed a citizens group to advocate for a dog park in my Canandaigua community. Canandaigua

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