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(585) Coffee grounds

Coffee and community CDGA Coffee By Nancy E. McCarthy The Cotters of Canandaigua know their craft beverages. Don Cotter co-owns Naked Dove Brewing Company and

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Country and coffee

A lot of people assume that Claudia Hoyser has moved to Nashville. “I still surprise them every time I say ‘no, I’m still a hometown

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Homebrew how-to

During the lockdown days of the pandemic, it seems that everyone hyperfocused on a new hobby to make the time pass. Some learned a new

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Coffee cure

Not since the negroni has there been a cocktail with such a huge resurgence in popularity as the espresso martini. Firmly at the top of

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Fashion police

The flashlight shines into my eyes with such intensity that I’m momentarily blinded. At the other end of the light is a Chicago police officer

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Be bold. Be gritty.

David Paul’s most important conversations always include a cup of coffee. These days, those cups are filled with a good pour-over, no cream or sugar.

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