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Burlap garden flag

by Cathy Monrad MATERIALSBurlap Embroidery thread in desired colorPaint in desired colorStencil of desired patternGarden flag pole for 12-inch flag  TOOLSRulerScissorsMarker (same color as thread)PinsDarning needle 2

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Modern hanging planter

by Cathy Monrad The most difficult pre-step required to create this project is finding a container and metal ring that will work together. I purchased

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Mug suet feeder

by Cathy Monrad Materials1½ cups cornmeal¼ cup flour2 cups bird food mix½ cup lard ½ cup chunky peanut butter2-3 mugs2-3 sturdy sticks 8 inches longTwine (optional)

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Toad house

A toad can eat massive amounts of insects in a single summer—up to 10,000, according to Toads help naturally keep garden pest population under

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Garden tool belt

by Cathy Monrad Before you throw out that old pair of holey jeans, check this clever tool apron inspired by Jessi at This project

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Garden games

by Cathy Monrad Who doesn’t love lady bugs? Or bumblebees? Or a good game of Tic Tac Toe? This cute project from Alecia at

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