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Around town

Paper illustrator Laura Homsey creates lighthearted and joyful scenes with Petit Paper Stories, a small illustration business she started in 2020 at the peak of the pandemic.  “I

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Spirit of unity

With a propulsive rhythm keeping time, a kinetic energy begins to move through the dancers as their vibrant costumes orbit the space around them. Headdress

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A look behind the glass

Noted street photographers Richard B. Colón and Quajay Donnell are on a new adventure together. Best known for highlighting the obscure parts of Rochester in

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Capture the moment

In a Q&A session after being featured in the Behind the Glass Gallery, four film photographers—Indy Maring, Roberto Felipe, Beth Larter, and Rudy Fabre—share their

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Breaking the fourth wall

Since early childhood, local concept artist and Fairport native Andrew Scott has nurtured an inescapable urge to create. “I was the art kid in school,”

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Lost and Found

Victoria Savka likes to begin her day with a bike ride. She pedals through the countryside near her home in Auburn, visiting the farms that

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