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The Endless Mountain Derelicts: EMD @ First Glass Wine Bar


The Endless Mountain Derelicts return to First Glass Wine Bar at Doug Kent’s Rose Bowl Lanes in Newark NY. Come get rowdy! A five piece band birthed out of the Finger Lakes, The Endless Mountain Derelicts have been actively playing breweries, bars, and venues all over the region for the last year. Starting as a solo acoustic act in 2016, the Derelicts have grown in size and sound. Encompassing an honest, original set that walks a tight line between folk, classic country, bluegrass and rock. Lyrically based off of hard working, small town living, life and love (or lack there of). The Derelicts are a band you can unwind with after a long week, have a beer and stomp your feet. In April 2019 they released their first full band EP “How the Story Goes.” Stand tall, be strong, and dare to be bold. -The Derelicts.

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7-11 p.m.


Rose Bowl Lanes, 725 W. Miller St., Newark



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