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Pushin’ Time (Eric Carlin and Deanna Spiotta) at Lovin’ Cup


Deanna’s path to now is a bit unconventional from that of her contemporaries. Growing up on stage in musicals and school band, as opposed to honkytonks and rock bands, shaped her voice to be versatile and unique. Classically trained through college, Deanna found a home in country music and began writing songs in 2010. She moved to Nashville, Tennessee to expand her music career, but found herself unprepared for the music business and feeling alone in navigating it. Her return to Rochester, New York revealed to her the “why” behind her love of music, singing, and songwriting. Understanding songwriting as a way to express her feelings and help others express theirs, brings depth and growth to her songs. Discovering that she doesn’t have to adhere to a set of prescribed attributes (image, genre, and sound) based on her gender, ethnicity, and musical background frees her to be herself, writing heartfelt songs that fuse her many musical influences to create an authentic sound. Deanna released her debut EP, “The In Between” in April 2021.

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7-11 p.m.


Lovin' Cup, 300 Park Point Drive, Rochester



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