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KINFOLKS:Three-plus plays, one playwright

{theater}+{náfsi} and Eighth Child Productions partner up to bring to Rochester, NY, KINFOLKS: Three+ one-acts, one playwright. KINFOLKS, written by Laura A. Thomas and directed by Reuben J. Tapp. Shows start at 7:30 PM nightly on June 6-8, 2024, with a closing 2 PM matinee show on June 9, 2024. Tickets start at $10 for early bird purchases, children under 12, $15 online/ seniors and students, and $20 at the door.

Step into the intricate web of familial dynamics with these three+ captivating one-act plays, each poignantly reflecting the complexities that define family bonds. These riveting portrayals remind us that family is a tapestry woven from the threads of love, loyalty, and longing. Despite their flaws and imperfections, these characters are bound together by a shared heritage, a common history, and an unbreakable bond that transcends their trials. Ultimately, they are not just relatives—they are family, united by the intricate dance of cultural dynamics; they are …Kinfolks.

Patrons can obtain more info at and purchase tickets at The remaining tickets will be available at the door one hour before the curtain. 

Catholic Girls
Set in 1970s. This school has a charm of it’s own. Part of the charm are the two sisters Carrie and Marguex who work there. When one of the sister is invited to a dinner with the other sister’s secret crush the dynamics of power change, but the lesson is timeless.
Stage Mother: A love Story
Set in 1989, all parents want to see their kids succeed, but what happens to the kids of the parents who take this success a little too far? Asa and his Mother take the audience on a ride of appropriate and sometimes questionable interactions to get Asa to his success or not.
Daisy Horne
Set in 1969. One woman tells of a courageous escape from an abusive husband who employs and thus owns half the town where she lives. She speaks of her departure and the carnage left behind. Did she make the right decision?
Give a little/Give a Lot I & II
Present Day. Family can be a blessing and sometimes it can feel like a curse. Sometimes family pushes you forward in life, and other times, those members can hold you back and “suck” the life out of you! Sarah must come to grips with how her family impacts her life. Can her friend, Devon, show her the light, or will darkness prevail?

Our Griot artists illuminate KINFOLKS, they are Kesha Sharee Hartzog, Erica Griffin, and Tim Pelote.

MORE ABOUT {theater}+{náfsi}-We produce and present artistic performances illuminating the human condition through the prism of people from the African Diaspora (i.e., African-American, African, Afro-Latino, Afro-Caribbean, etc.). Náfsi means soul in Swahili; our name is also our mantra: Theater with Soul! “We tell compelling stories centered in the Black experience, making theater accessible to groups that often feel left out of the conversation,” says Reuben J. Tapp, artistic director of {theatre}+{náfsi}.  Please visit to learn more.

MORE ABOUT Eighth Child Productions-The mission of Eighth Child Productions is to bring real African American life and history to the stage. I hope that the plays I write, sculpt, and present will bring attention to African American people who are not widely known or acknowledged but who have done something positive to better the human condition. I tell stories about “ordinary” people who happen to be African American; and present universal stories seen through an African American lens. Please visit to learn more.


Step into the intricate web of familial dynamics with these three+ captivating one-act plays, each poignantly reflecting the complexities that define familial bonds…KINFOLKS.

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