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Friday The 13th (1980 Version) Film Showing w/ Live Commentary by OG Jason Actor Ari Lehman & friends FIRSTJASON is a punk-metal project fronted by ARI LEHMAN. the singer/actor who has the unique honor of having played the role of the First Jason Voorhees in the Paramount Classic Horror Film “Friday the 13th” (1980). A native New Yorker, seasoned artist and professional musician, Lehman rips through the tight melodies and vicious hooks with his arsenal, a shredding Keytar and powerful voice. FIRSTJASON performs in punk/metal clubs, metal fests, film festivals, and horror conventions throughout Europe and the US. ARI LEHMAN is available for appearances, autograph and photo-op sessions, interviews, films, voice-overs, composition and soundtracks, public speaking, and FIRST JASON performances. CONTACT INFORMATION: [email protected] Punk Metal project fronted by ARI LEHMAN, the First JASON VOORHEES of the horror cult classic FRIDAY the 13TH.

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7-11 p.m.


Photo City Music Hall, 543 Atlantic Ave. #2, Rochester


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